Submitting Conformance Test Results for a Tested Product

The Participant collects information created by the test (according to the instructions provided) and sends the information to the Program Administrator using a copy of the Submission Form included in the Application Agreement (see Annex E). The Participant's completed Submission Form contains required information about the Product.

The Program Administrator validates the test results file, checks the digital signature applied by the test suite, and evaluates the results file content according to the Program Conformance Requirements. If all Submission Evaluation criteria are met, the Program Administrator assigns a Certification Identifier to the Conformance Test Results, archives the results file, and sends a Test Result Certification Notice that includes the Certification Identifier to the Participant.

At the time of Submission, the Participant must include a Qualification that describes the Product's management feature that is required for the Tested System to meet the Conformance Requirements. Also, at the time of Submission, the Participant may claim that the Conformance Test Results apply to another Product offered by the Participant that also requires the same management feature described in the Qualification.