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Dell Latitude E5420

Dell Latitude E5420

Dell, Inc.

Enterprise Portable Computer

Qualification Tested Product
Certification Record Dell Latitude E5420
Model Number E5420
Family Name Latitude E-Series
Standard: DASH 1.0
Test Suite/Version: DASH 1.0 CTS Version 1.0.1
Protocol: WS-MAN
Mandatory Profiles Tested: Base Desktop and Mobile Profile v1.0
Profile Registration Profile v1.0
Role Based Authorization Profile v1.0
Simple Identity Management Profile v1.0
Optional Profiles Tested: CPU Profile v1.0
Fan Profile v1.0
Indications Profile v1.0
Physical Asset Profile v1.0
Power State Management Profile v1.0
Power Supply Profile v1.0
Software Inventory Profile v1.0
System Memory Profile v1.0